Chaos and indiscriminate murder dominate Raqqa city

Chaos and indiscriminate murder dominate Raqqa city

Mar 22 2019

ARK News: In the light of absence of the rule of law and the application of the elements of the Syrian Democratic Forces "SDF", which is the militants of the Democratic Union Party in the main section of it and its security arm "Asayish" of the law of the jungle in the city of Raqqa, indiscriminate killing and counter-retaliation have become a daily occurrence in the stricken city.

The indiscriminate killing in Raqqa and the rule of the law of the jungle made its situation as popular as Damascus proverb: "Chaos is rampant" where it increased in recent qualitative murders which carried out by elements of “DSF”.

He added that a patrol of "Asayish" gunmen killed, on Tuesday, the young Saddam Fawaz al-Kulaib of the clan (Al Wahab), 25 years old, without obvious reasons the killing follows heavy gunfire and explosions in the city's neighborhoods.

After the death of the young man, his relatives from the clan attacked a patrol of DSF and clashed with its members and stabbed one of them, where he was followed by a relative of the young Killed man by the elements of the patrol to the hospital, and then kill him.

On the same day, the head of the Asayish headquarters in the village of Al-Kalita north of Raqqa died as a result of a hand grenade explosion while he was playing with it.
A member of DSF called, Ghanim al-Za’iter, also killed his companion from al-Gayar clan because of a recent transient quarrel, on Monday, Hasan Firaij, who is a member of the DSF intelligence militants, was killed by unknown persons near the car offices at Hazima roundabout.

Many of these problems occur every day in the city of Raqqa because more than half of the elements of DSF were of terrorists (Da’esh), the other half are from the sons of Raqqa, and this is the reason for the permanent differences between the components of the DSF and the emergence of the characteristics of the lawlessness and recklessness in the use of weapons.

Since mid-January, the Arab tribes in the south-western Raqqa have been revolted against the Democratic Syrian Forces and burned its headquarters and the headquarters of American forces after they were driven out of the area, by al-Bukhamis, al-Mughtalan, and al-Jabir tribes after militants killed a young man and stabbed three other clan members.

Amid this security chaos, DSF fears that it will target its forces during the upcoming of Nawroz Day on Thursday. This seems to have prompted the issuance of a generally circular in the past few days prohibiting the use of motorbikes in Raqqa.

Source: Sputnik