Politicians: What the KNK poses is a kind of external dictates, and the real partnership reference is the Hawler and Duhok agreements

Politicians: What the KNK poses is a kind of external dictates, and the real partnership reference is the Hawler and Duhok agreements

Jan 06 2019

ARK News: Kurdish politicians stressed in response to the call announced by the PYD on behalf of the Kurdistan National Congress "KNK" that what is posted by PYD is not self-conviction nor the Kurdish street as submission and fans, it is a result of external dictates, there is no agreement between the Kurdish Council and the PYD except the three agreements which were signed under the auspices of President Masoud Barzani in Hawler and Duhok and the PYD must accept the real partnership, which is the agreements of (Hawler 1, Hawler 2, Duhok) their reference.

About the invitation of "KNK," a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, Ali Muslim told the "ARk" Foundation, on Saturday, 5.1.2019 that: "If it is necessary to go to a form of compatibility between the Kurdish National Council and the KNK system in the framework of unity of class and attitude even if I rule out happening this, it must be based on strong national and national foundations. " And any agreement by the Kurdish National Council in Syria ENKS with PYD and KNK should include the following points:

Returning of Roj Peshmerga promoted unconditionally and spreading to all Kurdish regions.
Formulating of an integrated political project that accurately defines the political rights of the Kurdish people in Syria and the form of relations with the rest of the spectrum of the Syrian homeland.
Cutting off the relationship with the Syrian regime completely.
Accepting of an international party “United Nations” as a party guarantor for this compatibility.
Apologizing to the Kurdish people about the violations that took place during the last stage.
Distributing of the power and wealth equally.
Putting a strategy for the return of displaced persons.

The ARK Foundation took the views of a group of writers, activists, intellectuals, and media about the initiative which currently being undertaken by KNK for the rapprochement between the Kurdish National Council in Syria and the Democratic Unionist Party (PYD) , some saw it is merely a trap by the PYD after losing all its papers, some also saw that KNK was originally a PYD party and was acting on its own initiative, and some saw it would be good if this matter was consulted with President Masoud Barzani to be the sponsor party with KNK, and others saw that the situation is critical and the stage is of the top sensitivity and requires the abandonment of all parties from the narrow partisan agendas, and some saw that the KNK’s initiative is only a beautify of the image of the PYD.