Two young men were injured by bullets from armed factions in Afrin

Two young men were injured by bullets from armed factions in Afrin

Jun 20 2024

ARK News… Two young men in one of the villages of Afrin, Syrian Kurdistan, were seriously injured after being shot by gunmen belong to armed factions.

Media activist Mustafa Sheikho reported to ARK News that the two young Kurdish men, Jamal Ali (26 years old) and Muhammad Walid Aliko (22 years old), were shot in the village of “Coqê” of Afrin city after they were returning from their work.

Sheikho explained that the two young men were working in Al-Malahi Park, and while they were returning home, on the evening of Tuesday, June 18, “they crossed the first checkpoint of the Al-Hamzat faction, then they were surprised by the presence of a second checkpoint (mobile checkpoint).”

He continued: "They were afraid of the unknown checkpoint, and they decided to escape... The checkpoint was for the Al-Hamzat elements, led by Abu Khattab, shot Jamal and Muhammad, wounding them seriously, after which they were transferred to the specialized hospital in Afrin."

Sheikho confirmed that Bakr Adnan Bakr, the witness of the scene of the crime, was arrested by the military police in the Mabata town center, and his fate remains unknown.

It is noteworthy that the “Al-Hamzat” faction is part of the formation of the “Syrian National Army” affiliated with the Ministry of Defence in the “Syrian Interim Government,” and in August 2023, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the Al-Hamzat faction and its leader and commander, Saif Polad, nicknamed (Abu Bakr), for committing “violations, which is a serious threat to human rights in Afrin.