Hasaka suffers from the heat and thirst due to outage of water

Hasaka suffers from the heat and thirst due to outage of water

Jun 18 2024

ARK News… While a water tanker in Qamishlo city is sold for about 100,000 Syrian pounds, the price of a block of ice in the city of Hasaka has reached tens of thousands.

A private source from Hasaka city in Syrian Kurdistan told ARK News that the city is suffering from the effects of heat and thirst, and the people are living in a real hell, as the city is suffering from a severe electricity and water crisis, especially with the rising of temperatures and the increased need for electricity and water.

According to the private source, regular (public) electricity is completely cut off from the city. Every three days, regular electricity is available for only (3-4) hours, and water has been cut off for more than a year after the Alok station in the city of Sari Kaniye stopped supplying water to the city.

The private source confirmed that the people are buying a water tanker (5 barrels) for 50 thousand Syrian pounds, and an ice cube for 22 thousand Syrian pounds.

A private source confirmed to ARK News in a previous statement that the water that residents buy from an unknown source and is not subject to supervision is often bitter, salty, or even contaminated, which leads to the emergence of diseases, especially among children.

On Monday, June 17, 2024, the people of the Al-Hilaliya neighborhood in Qamishlo city, Syrian Kurdistan, blocked the road in protest against the complete water outage since the beginning of this June, and the PYD administration did not seek to find a solution to the dilemma.