The "Negotiation Commission" delegation meets representatives of Western countries in Geneva

Jan 26 2023

ARK News… The Syrian Negotiation Committee announced that it will hold a meeting on Wednesday at the commission's office in Geneva with representatives of the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, to discuss developments in the Syrian situation, the Syrian regime's obstruction of the political process and its desire to prolong the Syrian crisis.

The head of the commission, Badr Jamous, stressed that the delay in the political solution will lead to catastrophic consequences for the lives of the Syrians, which confirms the need for a more effective role for the international community to put pressure on the regime and find an effective mechanism to implement the relevant UN resolutions.

The Commission's delegation warned against leaving the Syrian people hostage in the hands of the regime, stressing that the Syrian people throughout Syria and in the countries of asylum suffer from the collapse of the humanitarian and economic conditions, and every effort should be made to save the people and provide them with various types of support, especially in the areas of education and basic needs.

The Commission's delegation indicated that the return of Syrians to Syria depends on reaching a real political solution that guarantees the future of all Syrians and achieves their demands for freedom and justice, through the full and immediate implementation of Resolution 2254.