Manal Hasko: PKK is like a Trojan horse and the anniversary of its founding is a black day in the history of the Kurds

Nov 29 2022

ARK News... On the forty-fourth anniversary of the founding of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), political analyst Manal Hasko, on Sunday, November 27, 2022, said that the anniversary of the founding is a black day in the history of the Kurdish people, and the PKK as a Trojan horse equipped for the Kurdish people.

Political analyst Manal Hasko said during his participation in the ARK Bulletin: The anniversary of the founding of PKK is the day of great treason, as it was founded by the intelligence to oppose the Kurdish revolutions and struggle movements and limit their spread.

He added: The PKK party is the spearhead in the hands of the usurpers of Kurdistan to implement the anti-Kurdish agendas, and it was established in two stages, the first claiming to achieve the unification and liberation of Greater Kurdistan and the second to work to unite nations and peoples, and whoever is hostile to thought faces the fate of death, that is, it moved from the liberation of Kurdistan to protecting the borders of the usurped states.

Regarding “Ocalan's” statements during his arrest in 1999, he said: It is not surprising that Abdullah Ocalan, as the leader of PKK, made statements that he would serve Turkey, as he grew up in Damascus and served Ali Mamlouk and the Syrian regime with dedication. He was in a building where the military attaché of the Turkish embassy was located, and during his march, he liquidated Muhammad Shanar, Agid, and others, and in court, he confirmed that there is a difficult task ahead of him, which is to stand before the Kurdistan Declaration and he actually implemented the agendas entrusted to him.

Regarding the arguments presented by the PKK to Turkey, Hasko said that the PYD administration, which is controlled by Qandil, continues to present the arguments, as it has rejoiced over the past two days in establishing the party, in conjunction with the Turkish bombing. He stressed that rejoicing and celebrating the founding of the party amidst the tension and anxiety that civilians are now experiencing is an immoral act that is condemned.

Hasko explained: Bayiq presented arguments in Afrin, Girê Spî, and Serê Kaniyê, and continues to present arguments in other cities and towns to hand over the remaining cities to Turkey, and after 44 years of founding the party, it brought nothing but woes and disasters to the Kurdish people and worked to thwart the legitimacy of the Kurdish cause.

At the end of his speech, he said: Because of the Party's policy and practices, we now find that large lands of the Kurdistan Region are under the control of Turkey, as well as we lost half of Syrian Kurdistan, and that policy continues in the other parts with the aim of destroying cities, expanding cemeteries, displacing the remaining Kurds, and making a demographic change, in service of the rapists of Kurdistan.