Al-Assad forces arrest 10 young men in

Al-Assad forces arrest 10 young men in "Jisreen" and "Kafr Batna" in the Damascus countryside

Nov 08 2022

ARK News… Assad's forces, on Sunday, arrested 10 young men in the towns of Jisreen and Kafr Batna, in Eastern Ghouta, in the Damascus countryside, under the pretext of failing to do military service.

The "Voice of the Capital" website said that joint patrols of the Military Security and the Military Police arrested more than 10 young men during a campaign of raids and arrests, most of whom are wanted for compulsory and reserved military service.

It added that the campaign coincided with a security alert and the deployment of temporary barriers in the main streets and intersections, and concentrated on the road between "Kafr Batna" high school and up to the municipality roundabout, to the entrances to the town of "Jisreen" from the "Al-Maliha" side.

It pointed out that the patrols inspected several residential homes and shops.

It explained that on November 30, the Military Security Branch arrested 11 young men in the town of "Ain Tarma", during a similar security campaign focused on those who did not do military service.

On October 19, joint patrols of the Military Security and the Fourth Division Security Office carried out a similar raid and search campaign that affected dozens of homes, shops, and agricultural lands in the town of "Al-Saboura" in the Damascus countryside, which led to the arrest of 30 people.