The Peace and Freedom Front in solidarity with the students’ sit-in in Qamishlo

The Peace and Freedom Front in solidarity with the students’ sit-in in Qamishlo

Sep 28 2022

A statement of solidarity with the students’ sit-in
ARK News… With the continued closure of schools and private institutes in northern and eastern Syria, after the “Autonomous Administration” issued a de-facto authority for its irresponsible decision, which caused harm to tens of thousands of students of various educational levels and deprived them of their most basic rights established in the Charter of the United Nations and the Charter of the Rights of the Child, it is the freedom of education, including university.

As a result of the intransigence of the Autonomous Administration, and not reversing its improvised decision, and after the failure of several attempts by teachers, owners of private institutes and schools, and civil society organizations, and communicating with this administration to cancel the closure decision, and siding with the demands of the parents and students’ families, civil society organizations called for a mass sit-in, today, Wednesday, 28/09/2022, at eleven o'clock in the city of Qamishli - Tourist Street - in front of the United Nations building.

We in the Peace and Freedom Front condemn in the strongest terms the rejection of the Autonomous Administration’s decision to close private schools and institutes, as it is a violation of the most basic human rights principles. We express our solidarity with this call to demand the abolition of this unjust decision, the reopening of these schools and institutes, and the return of students to study seats, leaving the freedom of available choice to students and their families to choose the curriculum they wish to study.

The leadership of the Peace and Freedom Front
Qamishli September 27, 2022