In the video... Who are the two officials from the PYD administration who kidnapped the militant Ahmed Sido?

Sep 12 2022

ARK News... Abdo Saydo, the brother of the kidnapper, Ahmed Saydo, made an urgent appeal to all concerned authorities to reveal the fate of his brother, who has been kidnapped since 2013.

Saydo said during his participation in the ARK Newsletter: His brother was kidnapped by PYD officials, Basem Omar, from the village of Mulla Khalila, and Hussein Akash from the village of “Şiltate” in Afrin, in the western Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo, on the pretext that they would interrogate him and then return him. From then until now, despite the relentless attempts to reveal his fate, there is no information about him and his fate.

He added that his brother suffers from asthma, and they offered him some of his medicines at the time, but they refused to take the medicine, and they tried repeatedly to meet with him or talk to him, but all attempts failed.

Saydo confirmed that they obtained information that he was in a prison in the neighborhood, according to a person from the Free Army who was with him in prison until 2016.

Ahmed Saydo, through ARK, appealed to humanitarian organizations, relevant associations, and Kurdish parties and organizations, to reveal the fate of all detainees and abductees, such as Idris Alo and others, holding the PYD administration responsible for revealing the fate of his brother and all detainees.