Manal Hasko to ARK: The PYD administration has only brought calamities and disasters to the Kurdish people

Sep 09 2022

ARK News... On the anniversary of the establishment of the PYD administration, Kurdish politician Manal Hasko said on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, that the rapists of Kurdistan should be proud of the achievements of the PYD administration because it served them at the expense of the Kurdish cause and trading in the Kurdish people.

Hasko indicated that the PYD administration is the administration of mercenaries and employment for the benefit of the Assad regime, and a process of receiving and handing over was carried out between the regime to suppress the Kurdish people and limit involvement in the Syrian revolution in 2011

Political analyst Manal Hasko added in statements to ARK: The PYD administration has worked and is working against the Kurdish and Syrian people in favor of the Assad regime, and the goal is to end and obliterate the legitimate rights of the Kurdish people in Syria, and it has only brought woes to the Kurds.

He continued by saying: The achievements of this administration are: the militarization of Kurdish society, the end of political life and the start of political assassinations, the assassination and arrest of activists and figures opposed to it, forced displacement, forced recruitment, abduction of children and minors and their involvement in the wars they wage by proxy, demographic change and the stabilization of flood settlements, the protection of the Assad statue and the security squares, and the killing of thousands of Kurdish young men and women in Arab cities such as Raqqa and Deir Ez-Zour, and the administration’s worst achievement is the loss of the cities of Afrin, Girê Spî and Serê kaniyê and handing them over to Turkey and the opposition factions, in addition to the fact that other regions are in a state of great danger and concern because of the policy followed.

Hasko explained: All this happened and is happening for free and they worked as a mercenary contracting company in service of the Assad regime. Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the PKK, said it publicly that the Kurds in Syria are refugees and they must be returned to Turkey, and this is what the PKK is working on in Kurdistan Syria in a demographic change and ending the Kurdish existence.

He pointed out: It is no longer a secret to everyone that the goal of the PYD and its political and military institutions was to prevent the Kurds from joining the Syrian revolution against the regime.

At the end of his speech, he said: The regime was fleeting, especially with the participation of the Kurds at the beginning of the revolution of the Syrian people against the criminality of the Syrian dictatorial regime in 2011. But the PYD administration stood in front of the aspirations of the Kurdish people. Certainly, there is no future for this administration, neither politically nor militarily, and it did not extract local recognition or internationally so far.