In the video... The death of a young man under torture in the prisons of the PYD in Aleppo

Sep 06 2022

ARK News... In less than a week, the Arin region witnessed two cases of martyrdom under torture of two Kurdish youths from Afrin in PYD prisons in Aleppo.

The two young men, Diyar Khalil Omar, from the town of Basouta, and Farhad Sheikho, from the village of Mirkan of Mabata town, were arrested some time ago and were martyred under torture in the prisons of the PYD administration.

ARK obtained a special video clip showing the effects of systematic torture on the body of the young man, Diyar Khalil Omar, especially in sensitive areas, who was buried in the village of “Aqîbê”, which belongs to the city of Afrin, which is under the control of the PYD.

A private source said that three others were arrested with the young man, Diyar, and there are fears for their fate.