Outstanding Student, Matin Hajo, to ARK: "My excellence at the university entitles me to complete my studies abroad"

Aug 28 2022

ARK News... The Kurdish student, Matin Lutfi Hajo, got first place for four years while studying at Tishreen University, Faculty of Science, Department of Geology.

Mateen Lutfi Hajo said during his participation in the ARK Newsletter on Friday, August 26, 2022: "I got my secondary certificate in 2018, and I chose the Department of Geology - Faculty of Science at Tishreen University in Syria."

He added: "I suffered a lot during my studies and being away from my family greatly affected the progress of my studies, in addition to the living situation, and electricity cuts, however, I was able to be in the first place during the four years of my university studies.

During his speech, he indicated: My superiority at the university with a rate of 84/100 entitles me to be appointed to the university and then to complete postgraduate studies outside the country.

The Kurdish student, Matin Hajo, is from “Dêrûna Axê” in the Derik city of Syrian Kurdistan.