The political report of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, for the month of July 2022

The political report of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, for the month of July 2022

Aug 09 2022

ARK News… Recently, there has been an "international, regional" move in two different directions, one of which is an American one, where President Joe Biden toured the region and met with the Israeli leadership, and then Saudi Arabia. The tour carried with it - according to the media - ensuring Israel's security and its integration into the region's society by completing the process of normalization with it. The other direction was moved by the Astana-Sochi summit, which was held in Tehran between the three presidents, "Russian Vladimir Putin, Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Iranian Ibrahim Raisi." The differences were clear between the three parties. In the context of the Syrian crisis, the international efforts in this regard are almost halted or are stagnant without any progress. The international envoy to Syria, Mr. Geir Pedersen, is still searching, by traveling between the concerned parties, for a place and a date for the convening of the ninth session of the Constitutional Committee, or he is paving the way in one way or another in order to achieve some kind of progress in this path, provided that it is not like its predecessors.

Turkey, despite some kind of responsiveness to its Sochi partners, has not faltered in its continuous bombardment of many border areas with Syria to the extent that it is almost daily, exposing these areas to harm to lives and property, and then making them live in constant security anxiety, which means that the consensus in this direction is formal or tactical.

Iran, besides its regional role and its interference in the internal affairs of many countries, is based in one way or another on Russia and China in its struggle with the West, especially America, especially with regard to the nuclear file and the ballistic missile program, all this despite its worsening internal living and economic conditions, and despite the growing political opposition at home and abroad, and it continues its continuous violations of those countries at various political, economic and military levels.

Iraq, despite the continuing worsening and continuing of the political and democratic crisis, the process is moving towards tightening the coordination framework, especially after the Sadrist’ resignation from Parliament, their massive demonstrations and sit-ins, their entry to the parliament, and the leaked statements and speeches of some personalities, especially Nori al-Maliki, who incites intrigue in order to incite the Iraqis. Against each other, and in all cases, the coordination framework remains the biggest loser.

Kurdistan Region, the region’s leadership has been continuing to strengthen its alliance with the Iraqi parties concerned with what is the Sadrist bloc and the Sunni bloc, and what increases this alliance is the extent of the possibility of understanding Iraqi contentious issues in general and the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Hawler, especially the subject of Article 140 of the constitution and oil and gas issues And the issue of the region’s share of the state’s general budget..etc.

Syria and Western Kurdistan. The entire Syrian people, with their national, religious and political components, including those loyal to the regime, are subjected to various types of living, economic, and even security suffering, due to the scarcity of economic resources or their loss in the markets. This means that the living situation of the general population of the country is in a deplorable state of poverty and hardship, and there is no doubt that the suffering is increasing in severity in the areas of "Afrin, Grey Spi, Seri Kaniye" as a result of the continuous violations by the armed factions controlling those areas despite the continuous demands and calls for an end to The suffering is by pulling these factions out of the cities and leaving the administration to its owners after the return of the displaced and displaced to their places of residence and to their homes and properties.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that our party "Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, other sister parties, and all components of the Kurdish National Council in Syria are busy preparing for the holding of the fourth conference of the Council soon this month, hoping to come up with decisions and recommendations that serve the foundation of an institutional situation that raises together." Work and performance serve our Kurdish people and their just cause.

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