Stop the intimidation  and violence

Stop the intimidation and violence

Oct 15 2021

Dr. Abdul Hakim Bashar

ARK News… For days, the PKK media has been targeting cultural figures known for their integrity, credibility, and patriotism, by inciting against them and spreading hate speech and bullying against them.

This targeting reached the point of threatening assassination, including yesterday the journalist Evan Haseeb, and today the academic Shivan Ibrahim, who used his pen and thought to serve the Kurdish cause and the truth.

We hold the Workers' Party the PKK, its Syrian branch, the Democratic Union The PYD, and its loose militias, such as Revolutionary Youth, and others that practice the most heinous forms of terrorism against all activists who reject the anti-Kurdish policy of the PKK.

We hold them all for any harm that befalls Mr. Shivan Ibrahim, Evan Haseeb, and all journalists, and we have all the documents of the threat that they published against him.