Closing 40 schools in rural Derik by PYD

Closing 40 schools in rural Derik by PYD

Sep 29 2018

ARK News: The Democratic Unionist Party closed around 40 schools in the rural Derik, Kurdistan of Syria.

With the start of the new school year, and with the continued control of schools and the ideologies of the curriculum, the Democratic Unionist Party continued to impose its policies to create chaos in the educational process, and the latest practices closed the doors of about twenty schools in rural Derik.

“The PYD has closed around 40 schools in rural Derik on the grounds that there are not enough numbers of students”, a special source from Derik town, who preferred not to be named announced to Ark.

About this subject, a teacher from Derik town told Ark that the PYD was claiming that there were not enough students, this indicates that parents are not satisfied and sent their sons to their ideologies schools, but the reality confirms the presence of large numbers of students in the villages of rural Derik which the regime had been established a school in each village, this shows that PYD has other intentions, such as planting of more chaos and arguments for the displacement of Kurdish families, in both cases the Kurdish student and thus the Kurdish community are affected by the practices of PYD.

It is noteworthy that many Kurdish families moved from Kurdistan of Syria to Damascus and other governorates of Syria to secure the study of their children, and to move away from the curricula of non-recognized and non-academic, and some of these families send their children to schools under the control of the regime in Qamishlo and Hasakah and other many families preferred to migrate outside the country to secure the future of their children in terms of education.