The Syrian National Army and the mission of implementing non-national decisions

The Syrian National Army and the mission of implementing non-national decisions

Mar 10 2021

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin said in its report that the pro-Turkish armed militias, with their various names and chauvinistic racism, are still practicing various inhuman violations against the indigenous Kurdish population in the Kurdish region of Afrin, similar to their counterparts in Sari Kaniye, Gire Spi and the al-Bab region, including seizure, theft, and logging in an accurate and systematic manner under the directions of the Turkish intelligence.

The organization added that members of the Faylaq Al-Sham militia controlling the town of Medan Akbas and the surrounding seven villages of Maidana, on Friday, 05/03/2021, cut down 50 olive trees belonging to the elderly Kurdish citizen Mustafa Ismail Darwish, nicknamed (Ham), a physically handicapped - from the village of Walikli - Maydanas, from the field on the plain of the town of Medan Akbas. They also cut down trees in the past in each of the following sites (Qara Belle Mountain - the fields surrounding the village of Adama - Maidana).

The Organization also added that a number of the Hamzat militia, led by Fadi Al-Batran, nicknamed Abu Saeed, who controls the village of Kafr Zeit of Afrin city, on Tuesday 02/03/2021, attacked the citizen Ali Hasso, 70 years old, from the village while grazing the livestock belonging to Fadi Al-Batran grazing (his vineyard ) asking him to leave, as he (Fadi Al-Batran) accompanied by his sons and relatives (five people) beat him and drove him to the security headquarters in the village, uttered bad words and insulted him.

A source from Shiye town reported to ARK News said that the militiamen of Sultan Suleiman Shah al-Amshat, led by Muhammad al-Jassim, nicknamed Abu Amsha, who took control of Shiye town, seized several agricultural lands about a week ago that belong to a number of Kurdish citizens located near the medical clinic on the road to the village of Qarmitlq. The names of the owners are as follows :
1 - Muhammad Haj Ibrahim
2 - Jamil Khalil Sheikho, nicknamed Jamil Kavno
3- Ahmed Mustafa, nicknamed Abu Ayu Miste
4- Khoja Hussein

This process is under the pretext of building a sports and training stadium on a total area of about 20 dunums (2 hectares), and settling it using heavy machinery (bulldozers - Trucks).