(video) ARK is uniquely publishing information about a kidnapped girl by the PKK nine years ago

Jan 22 2021

ARK News… In a reminder of the continuity of the policy and approach of the PKK and its branches in the kidnapping of minors since ancient times, the mother of one of the victims on Thursday, January 21, 2021, a kidnapping operation carried out by the mentioned organization 9 years ago.

The mother of the kidnapped girl, "Gulle Fasih", reported to "ARK Media Foundation during an audio statement said: "Their family immigrated from the city of Amouda, in Kurdistan, Syria, to Turkey nearly 9 years ago, and settled there, so that armed Kurdish workers came, and kidnapped her daughter, Gulle from Her place of work, without their knowledge. "

The mother added, "Several days ago, they received information that the party had published her daughter's name on the martyrs' list, without any information about how she was martyred."

The mother appealed to all humanitarian organizations to intervene to uncover the fate of her daughter, who was kidnapped nine years ago.