Kurdistan Parliament: Iraqi Parliament's Passing of 'Deficit Law' Against Consensus

Kurdistan Parliament: Iraqi Parliament's Passing of 'Deficit Law' Against Consensus

Nov 14 2020

ARK News… Passing the ‘Deficit Law’ by the Iraqi Council of Representatives without giving consideration to the Kurdistan Region's share from the federal budget is a violation of consensus, said Kurdistan Region parliament on Thursday.

The Shia, as well as Sunni, blocs at the Iraqi parliament on Thursday morning, passed the controversial ‘Deficit Law’, which was considered a violation of the consensus, partnership, and precious agreements between Erbil and Baghdad.

After the law being passed now, Iraq is obliged to cut 320 billion Iraqi dinar budget share for the Kurdistan Region, despite the fact that Erbil and Baghdad earlier this year reached a deal on the issue.

"This move is a violation to the spirit of coexistence and partnership and it is against the directions of previous agreements [between Erbil and Baghdad]," a statement by the Kurdish parliament said, adding that it is also against any steps towards resolving the disputes between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq based on the Constitution.

Based on the amended law, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) should submit all its oil and non-oil revenues in return for the 320 billion Iraqi dinar share from the federal budget.

The three presidencies of the Kurdistan Region will meet with the Kurdish representatives in Baghdad to discuss the issue and ensure that the constitutional rights of the people of the Kurdistan Region are preserved, the parliament’s statement said.

Source: BasNews