Afrin .. kidnapping 7 of Kurdish civilians, including a woman
The picture is the village of Dikmadashe – Shara

Afrin .. kidnapping 7 of Kurdish civilians, including a woman

Jul 21 2019

ARK News: The armed factions and the military police on July 18, 2019, kidnapped a number of Kurdish civilians from the villages of the Kurdish region of Afrin, among the kidnapped was a woman, while their fate is still unknown.

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin said that the armed factions had kidnapped the teacher Niroz Mahmoud from the village of Gurzele for 10 days as she passed the checkpoint of the village of Turinde in Afrin, where they searched her cell phone and she was taken to an unknown destination while her fate is still unknown.

The organization also added that the armed factions raided at 6 am on 18/07/2019 the Dikmadashe village of Shara town and kidnapped each of the following:

1. Youssef Hanif (Hanifi) 65 years.
2. Luqman Fahmi Mohammed 40 years old.
3. Karim Ali Juma 40 years.
4. Abdul Hamid Hamid Hamza 38 years.
5. Riyadh Ali Juma 25 years. Note that he was in Ma’sara prison in the Izaz city for six months on charges of performing compulsory service at the PYD management and was released shortly after paying a large ransom.
6. Ahmed Hasan Aref (Haske) 55 years.

Since the taking over of Turkish army and the armed factions and groups, kidnappings campaigns against Kurdish civilians continue with false pretexts, most of which are belong to the PYD management, in order to obtain money in exchange for their release.