Hariri discusses with Pederson the results of his visit to Damascus

Hariri discusses with Pederson the results of his visit to Damascus

Jul 14 2019

ARK News: A delegation from the Negotiating Body headed by Dr. Nasr Hariri met yesterday night with UN Secretary-General Geir Pederson's envoy to Syria. The talk was about the results of Pederson’s recent visit to Damascus. His meeting Walid al-Moallem there, and the delegation of the Commission confirmed during the discussion on the situation in the field in north-west Syria, and the need for a cease-fire as a prerequisite for a political process that the United Nations intends to resume on the Syrian issue; which Assad's regime is still evading after being examined by Pedersen yesterday.

The discussion touched on the outcome of Pederson's visit about the constitutional committee in terms of procedural rules which previously agreed upon by the Commission with the UN envoy; in terms of names for the third third subject of dispute, and on the chairmanship of the Committee will be joint, where the delegation stressed that the committee should be the gate of the political process in accordance with the international references and the first of its resolution 2254 and the necessity of implementing the provisions of this resolution in Complete, synchronized and sequentially in its procedures, and not to submit an item on other items to be considered the solution.

In this context Mr. Pedersen confirmed that he discussed with the regime with intensive form the detainees file in addition to the file in the field, stressing that he asked the regime to release the detainees and to stop the firing on the basis of the regime's taking of confidence demonstrating that he is serious in advancing the political process to find a final solution to the crisis.

Although Mr. Pederson has confirmed that the regime has shown limited response on all issues, we believe that this response occurred because of the Russian pressure on the regime to realize that Russia's military solution is not feasible in light of the recent defeats and the legendary steadfastness of the rebels in the rural areas of southern Idlib and northern Hama

The meeting concluded with the confirmation of the UN envoy to the conformity of views between him and the Commission Which demonstrates the seriousness of the Commission's relentless attempts to find a final and just solution to the Syrian issue.