Kurdish writer Amal Hassan releases two new productions

Kurdish writer Amal Hassan releases two new productions

Feb 27 2024

ARK News… Recently, “Dar Ghazi” for Printing and Publishing in Duhok, Kurdistan Region, published two new works in Arabic, by Kurdish writer Amal Hassan.

The first book, titled “The Sun Rises from Barzan,” is 71 pages long and includes a collection of articles describing the immortal Barzani’s personality, his heroism, the heroism of the Peshmerga forces, the Kurdish revolutions, and Kurdish affairs in general.

As for the second book by Amal Hassan, it was titled “The Struggle of the Kurdish Woman,” and is 80 pages long. It includes a collection of stories and articles describing the personality of Kurdish women, their reality, and their heroism.

The writer, Amal Hassan, was born in the village of “Bana Shikafti” in the Derik countryside in Syrian Kurdistan. She writes in the Kurdish and Arabic languages, and is active in the field of women’s rights.