The 45th anniversary of departure of the fighter Dr. Kamiran Badirkhan

The 45th anniversary of departure of the fighter Dr. Kamiran Badirkhan

Dec 04 2023

ARK News… Monday, December 4, 2023, marks the forty-fifth anniversary of the departure of the freedom fighter Dr. Kamiran Badirkhan in Paris, France.

A brief about his life:
Prince Dr. Kamiran Amin Ali Badirkhan was born in Istanbul on August 21, 1896, where he completed his first studies. He was exiled with his family to many cities within the Ottoman Empire.

He belonged to the Kurdish Transcendence Society and published many articles in the magazines “Jane” (Al-Hayat) and “Sarbasti” (Al-Hurriya).

After the military coup led by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, he was sentenced to death, so he fled with his brother Celadet to Germany, where he studied law, then returned to practicing the national liberation struggle.

After the failure of the Agri revolution, he went again to Leipzig, where he submitted his doctoral thesis and returned to Beirut to practice the legal profession, and his brother Jaladat participated in Kurdish cultural activity.

In 1943 he published the newspapers ROJA NÛ "New Day" and STÊR the Star.

In 1947, he moved to France and settled in Paris. He became a professor at the University of Paris, Department of Oriental Languages, where he specialized in teaching the Kurdish language and its linguistics.

Prince Kamiran founded the Center for Kurdish Studies in Paris and became its direct director.

In 1948, he went to the United States and submitted a memorandum to the Secretary-General of the United Nations about the situation of the Kurds and the Kurdish issue.

He knew many languages in addition to his mother tongue, “Turkish, Persian, French, German, and Arabic,” and the number of his printed books reached 26, in addition to articles.