United Nations: Women in Syria face a tragic reality and restrictions on movement

United Nations: Women in Syria face a tragic reality and restrictions on movement

Nov 27 2023

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ARK News… On the International Day of Violence against Women, the United Nations said that violence against women constitutes an ongoing and tragic reality in Syria, manifested in the form of physical, sexual, psychological and economic abuse.

In its report, Saturday, November 25, 2023, the United Nations indicated that women and girls in Syria face restrictions on movement, and are often excluded from work opportunities and access to vital aid, adding that it led efforts to address gender-based violence in all areas. All over Syria.

It added that Syria was in a state of continuous social and economic deterioration, which pushed more people into greater poverty and exhausted people's coping mechanisms.

On November 25 of each year, the United Nations launches the global 16 Days of Activism campaign against gender-based violence, and the 16 Days of Action culminates on Human Rights Day on December 10.

According to the United Nations, “More than seven million people, the overwhelming majority of them women and girls, are currently in need of gender-based violence services in the country. Violence against women and girls around the world is one of the most widespread human rights violations.” ‏

The Syrian Network documented in a report the killing of 28,926 females in Syria since March 2011, 117 of them under torture, and the detention/arrest of 11,203 females, in addition to 11,541 incidents of sexual violence targeting females, at the hands of various controlling forces in Syria.