The Pentagon reveals details about its air strikes in Syria and the condition of the wounded Americans

The Pentagon reveals details about its air strikes in Syria and the condition of the wounded Americans

Mar 25 2023

ARK News… The US Department of Defense confirmed the implementation of "precision strikes" in eastern Syria, targeting two facilities used by groups "affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard."

In a press conference, Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder revealed that the US forces carried out two strikes using an "F-15E" fighter, targeting two facilities of the "Iranian Revolutionary Guard" near Deir Ez Zour in eastern Syria.

Ryder said that the Pentagon continues to evaluate the results of the strikes after the destruction of the two facilities, according to preliminary indications.

The American strikes came in response to a drone attack that targeted "a maintenance facility at a coalition forces base near Hasakah in northeastern Syria," killing "an American contractor, and wounding five American soldiers and another American contractor," according to the Pentagon.

"The information we have that has been provided by our intelligence community is that this drone is Iranian-made and that the groups that carried out this attack are affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard," Ryder said.

14 pro-Iranian fighters were killed as a result of the US strikes that were carried out on Thursday night, according to France Press Agency.

Reid said that Washington's focus in Syria is on "defeating ISIS," stressing that the United States "does not seek conflict and escalation with Iran."

He stated that these strikes were intended to send a "very clear message" that "we will take the protection of our personnel seriously and that we will respond quickly and decisively if they are threatened."

The US Central Command "Centcom" announced yesterday that the health condition of two of those wounded in the attack on US forces in eastern Syria, Thursday, is stable, indicating that two of the wounded are receiving treatment in Erbil and two others in Baghdad, while two have returned to their duties.

After the American "retaliatory" raid, sources in the countryside of Deir ez-Zour told RT at dawn on Saturday that shelling originating from the west of the Euphrates River targeted Koniko field, in which the largest American base in Syria is located, with 15 missiles.

Source: Agencies