With names... Martyrs of Newroz in Jenderes

With names... Martyrs of Newroz in Jenderes

Mar 21 2023

ARK News... Five Kurdish civilians from the Peshmerg family were martyred, on Monday, March 20, 2023, and others were injured in the city of Jenderes, in Syrian Kurdistan.

Unarmed Kurdish civilians were martyred by live bullets fired by the militants of the Eastern Army in Jenderes - in the countryside of Afrin after they lit the Newroz flame in front of their house.

The martyrs are, according to the information provided to ARK:
- Farahuddin Peshmerg
- Hamoude Peshmerg
- Farahadin’s son Peshmerg
- Nazmi Osman Peshmerg
Another person whose name could not be known.
The injured is Abdul Rahman Rasho.

Because of the massacre that took place, tension still exists in the city, and the people went out in an angry demonstration to condemn the massacre that took place.