Jad’an Ali:

Jad’an Ali: "Jamal Sheikh Baqi assumes the role of the PKK"

Apr 10 2022

ARK News… Jad’an Ali, a member of the advisory body of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, on Saturday, April 9, 2022, said that the statements of Jamal Sheikh Baqi, a member of the PYNK in the Kurdish negotiations, indicate that he is playing the role of the PKK and guiding the PYD on the way to take revenge on the Roj Peshmerga by threatening their families in Syrian Kurdistan.

During his participation in the Rebaz News bulletin, Jad’an Ali, a member of the PDK-S advisory body, confirmed that Jamal Sheikh Baqi, by threatening the Roj Peshmerga families, is instructing and legitimizing the PYD to take revenge on them.

He added: Jamal Sheikh Baqi contradicts himself. In his view, the Syrian Kurds who are fighting within the ranks of the PKK are the owners of a legitimate right, while the people of Syrian Kurdistan who are affiliated with the Roj Peshmerga are agents and traitors.

Jad’an Ali indicated that Sheikh Baqi should be more patriotic, given that his party is one of the parties that split from the party, and he himself inherited the party's leadership from his father.

He explained, with these statements, Sheikh Baqi put himself as a soldier in the service of the PKK system and bid for those who work under their command.

And about Jamal Sheikh Baqi’s statements about the Kurdistan Region and his glorification of the Iranian bombing of the Kurdistan Region, a member of the advisory body of the PDK-S said, the Kurdistan Region has become the home and safe haven for all free Kurdistan.

Source: Rebaz News site