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Publication of "Bilingualism and Code-Switching" by researcher Younis Sheikh Na’asan

Sep 19 2021

ARK News… After a search that lasted for years, the Kurdish writer and researcher Younis Sheikh Na’asan published his research book "Bilingualism and Code-Switching" for a publishing house in Germany.

'Bilingualism and Code-Switching' is a book issued in the Kurdish language in Latin letter, “Pirzimanî û Veguhastina di navbera Zimanan de” which consists of more than 100 pages, and is considered the first linguistic research of its kind in the Kurdish language in Syria, standing on the phenomenon of linguistic pluralism between the Kurdish, Arabic and English languages.

It is the first book to be published by the Kurdish writer and researcher, from the city of Afrin in Syrian Kurdistan, knowing that it is a research project since 2005-2006, and it was published this year 2021, by “Sersera” Publishing House, and is currently available in the German Shana Library.

The writer has many research projects in phonetics and linguistics between the non-printed Kurdish and English languages, and he has dozens of scientific articles in the Kurdish language on related topics. In addition to many works in short stories, Kurdish proverbs, and poetic poems.

Younis Sheikh Na’asan, born in 1978, studied the primary, preparatory and secondary levels in the schools of the city of Afrin, completed the first stage of his master’s degree from the University of Aleppo in the English language, but the Syrian regime rejected his master's thesis because of the title and topic of his research: Phonetics between Kurdish and English. He is also certified by the Institute of Technical Monitors. Teacher of Kurdish and English languages. It is scheduled to release his recently published book, also in English, and to release his unprinted works at a later time.