Stanislav: Erdogan is using PKK militants in Syria and Iraq

Stanislav: Erdogan is using PKK militants in Syria and Iraq

Jul 23 2021

ARK News… Stanislav Ivanov wrote in the Currier Military Industries newspaper about Erdogan's use of PKK fighters in Iraq and Syria.

The article stated: More calls appear in the media to the authorities of Iraqi Kurdistan to avoid a “civil war” among the Kurds.

According to the newspaper, which was followed by the Kurd Street Network, “After what it called “the crushing of the armed Kurdish resistance in Turkey,” the Iraqi Kurdistan authorities allowed Kurdish refugees from Turkey to settle temporarily in camps and villages along the Turkish-Iraqi border. One of the conditions was that the withdrawing fighters be disarmed and that they stop any political and military activity on Iraqi soil.

The newspaper adds, “The subsequent events showed that the followers of the PKK did not intend from the beginning to fulfill their obligations. They quickly turned the northern regions of Iraq into a springboard for their subversive and terrorist activities against neighboring countries and began to actively spread their ideology among the Kurds of Iraq.”

The newspaper asserts, “The leadership of the PKK is not in the hands of the Kurds, for a long time, but in the hands of Turks; The activities of the leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Abdullah Ocalan and his companions, who are serving a life sentence, are under the strict control of Turkish intelligence,” according to the newspaper.

The Russian newspaper claims that it was not in vain that Erdogan pushed the PKK fighters into Iraqi territory. This gives him a reason and an opportunity to bomb the northern regions of Iraq, and even invade them, and to establish Turkish military bases there,” according to the newspaper.

The newspaper added, “President Erdogan behaves similarly in neighboring Syria, where Turkish forces, under the pretext of fighting PKK terrorists, occupy areas in the north of the country (Afrin) and carry out what the newspaper called “ethnic cleansing operations there, and inhabit the place of the Kurds who are expelled by extremists Turkmen and Sunni Arabs.”

The Russian newspaper concludes its article by saying: “It is becoming clearer that the time has come to curb the activities of Erdogan’s “Trojan horse,” who is operating under the guise of the Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq and Syria.

If the authorities of Iraqi Kurdistan and the Kurdish Autonomous Administration in Syria really want to protect the Kurdish people from attacks by terrorist fighters from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Turkish Armed Forces, then they should not fear an imaginary “brotherly” war. These are terrorists, bandits, and instigators, mercenaries for Turkish intelligence. There can be no “civil war” with them.

Source: (Russia Today) translated from Arabi