A terrifying spread of Coronavirus in Syrian Kurdistan

A terrifying spread of Coronavirus in Syrian Kurdistan

Aug 06 2020

ARK News… A source revealed that cases of Coronavirus are increasing continuously, and people are afraid of the virus spreading widely because it has spread in most cities and towns in Syrian Kurdistan.

A special source told ARK News that there are large numbers of cases of Coronavirus in Syrian Kurdistan, and the number has reached more than (50) cases spreading in Qamishlo, Derbasiya, Derik, Hasaka and Tal Tamr.

The source stressed: Most of the cases of infection with the Coronavirus are imposed on the home quarantine, and there are no designated places to treat patients from the virus, and what is presented to the infected is the home quarantine no more, as there is no medical follow-up and checks to assess the health status of the infected.

A special source previously reported to ARK News that the anesthesia technician "Hozan Ismail" was infected with Coronavirus, and there are fears of a virus outbreak among the medical staff of the National Hospital in Hasaka, and to sterilize the hospital it was evacuated from the patients.

The source confirmed that a couple from the Arbawiya neighborhood of Qamishlo were infected with Coronavirus 15 days ago, and on that basis, the two suspects were quarantined in their homes in the aforementioned neighborhood.

And the quarantine has been imposed on the university city for medical school students for a period of (14) days after it was found that there were two cases of HIV in the university city in the Himo neighborhood of Qamishlo city.

Quarantine was imposed on a number of female students in the Sahara Hotel in the center of Qamishlo city, after confirming that there were 5 cases of Coronavirus infection in the Khudir Khalifa School in the Arbawiya neighborhood of Qamishlo, which is used as a residence for university students.