The most dangerous kidnapping gangs in Sweida Return to the bosom of the Assad

The most dangerous kidnapping gangs in Sweida Return to the bosom of the Assad

Jul 04 2020

ARK News.. The most dangerous gangs of killing and kidnapping in As-Swayda have returned to the bosom of Assad, after a settlement led to the joining of the gang members to the militias loyal to the Assad regime.

And local pages circulated Thursday, video clips showing gang members dancing alongside the Assad regime to the tones of "patriotic" songs that glorify the leader and wish him to remain in power for life.

The gang, which is based in the "Ariqa" town, terrorized the Syrians over the years of the Syrian revolution, where they kidnapped thousands of civilians to take the financial ransom, and when the families of the hostages are unable to pay the required money, they kill the detainees in cold blood.

The group belonging to the bosom of Al-Assad includes about 22 people. The party’s attendance ceremony was attended by party and political figures from the governorate.

In a related context, the network "As-Swayda 24" reported that "the gang handed over 9 rifles, most of them broken, an RPG and several charges, a hunting rifle, two shells without lightning strikes, and a few ammunition boxes, after the conclusion of a new settlement agreement between the gang members and the competent authorities, where the states of 22 people who signed pledges not to return to the crime were settled. "

The same site explained that "the people against whom there are personal actions - those who made the settlement - can follow up these cases with the judiciary through a lawyer", pointing out that "the settlement did not include the people against whom there are personal suits for murders."

The network quoted a source called a secret as saying that "the settlement decision came as not to shed the blood, and provided the army and security services deployed in the area to ensure stability in it, as the settlement did not include the perpetrators of the murders," referring to the settlement of the conditions of a number of other wanted persons in the western region in the coming days.

The network confirmed that two of those who were kidnapped by members of an "old gang" are still unaccounted for, while the gang released two kidnappers two days ago, in exchange for a financial ransom of 18 million Syrian pounds.

The network explained that members of an "old gang" recruited by the Assad regime at the beginning of the conflict in Syria within the popular committees and various militias, led by the "Al-Bustan" association, as they fought alongside those militias in different areas of Syria, and after their funding was cut, they formed gangs of kidnapping and robbery.

Source: Zaman Al Wasl