A call from the Kurdistan Freedom Stream

A call from the Kurdistan Freedom Stream

Jun 02 2020

A call
About the systematic violations in the Afrin region

ARK News.. The areas under the control of the opposition in Syrian Kurdistan not only suffer from security problems, but also in the entire north of Syria, in addition to the suffocating economic problems as individual behaviors as some are promoting, but it goes beyond the occurrence of whole areas at the mercy of collective punishment policies. The systematic, as in the areas of Afrin, Sari Kaniye (Ras Al-Ain), and this is related to the corruption of the system of political frameworks that represent the will of these armed militias, and monopolizing the decision of the Syrian opposition and employing it outside the Syrian national context, and this crystallized clearly since the launch of the so-called "olive branch" with bad effects in the Afrin region, which turned out to be the goal of changing the demography of the region and with the complicity of the opposition represented by the Syrian coalition and its allies to achieve the agendas of the Turkish occupation at the expense of the demands of the Syrian people in a free and dignified life.

The scandal that exposed the secret prisons at the headquarters of the Al Hamzat militia in the Mahmuodiya neighborhood of Afrin is only a small part of the facts.

This calls on all of us to reconsider. Whether in the alliances or the policies pursued by these parties, or the systems of political corruption that pass suspicious deals, and therefore there is no alternative to the return to the noble moral values on which the Kurdish national movement in Syria was built during more than half a century.

In light of the current data and facts, which have become clear to the far and near. We hold all the parties that control arms responsible for the war crimes taking place in the Afrin region and we call on local and international parties to put pressure on Turkey in order to stop engaging Syria’s Kurds in its conflict with the Kurdistan workers Party, and as an occupation country that controls a section of the armed and active militias in Syria that bear in a way the entire burden of war crimes that take place in their areas of control, And Turkey is required to open the region to the international media and international organizations to investigate systematic crimes that in some respects rise to the level of crimes against humanity, and the priority of the solution stems from the withdrawal of militias, the handing over of the area to the local population, and the consideration of criminals ’accountability. On all sides, the release of the kidnappers into one basket throughout Syria and the Afrin region is no exception.
In conclusion:

We address a call in which there is a lot of please and hope, to the Kurdish political and civil forces, and to activists and intellectuals to raise the pace of work to demand international protection for civilians in the Afrin region, and we demand the Kurdish National Council to clarify the feasibility of its partnership with forces that represent a political cover for what is known as the Syrian National Army. The first involved in the crimes in Afrin.

With an emphasis on the continuation of the Kurdish / Kurdish dialogue to reach a participatory formula that does not only belong to the "East Euphrates" region but also includes the afflicted Afrin region, and considering the term East Euphrates as an expression inconsistent with the formula of the Kurdish national issue in Syria.

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