Afrin... Serious violations continue and  Al Amshat mercenaries take over the shops and impose taxes on grape in Shiye town

Afrin... Serious violations continue and Al Amshat mercenaries take over the shops and impose taxes on grape in Shiye town

May 06 2020

ARK News: A Human Rights Organization working to document violations in the Kurdish region of Afrin reported on its main page of Facebook today, 06.05.2019, that militias of armed groups affiliated to Turkey continue by cracking down on Kurdish citizens in the Kurdish region of Afrin and the implementation of the political and military agendas in terms of the ethnic cleansing of Kurds and forcing residents to leave in order to make a demographic change.

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin said that with the except that those militias carrying out the operation of theft, looting, armed robbery, indiscriminate kidnapping, seizure of property of residents, logging olive trees, imposing royalties, they deliberately under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence through creating an atmosphere of intimidation, terror, and insecurity and instability (creating chaos).

The Organization added that Armed elements affiliated with the faction of Sultan Suleiman Shah Al-Amshat, under the name of (Free Syrian National Army) led by the so-called Muhammad Al-Jassim, who control the Shiye town on Tuesday 05.05.2020, expelled a number of the people of Shiye town from their homes and their shops and seized them in order to rent them For Arab settlers and collecting the rent for the benefit of the so-called faction leader, called Muhammad al-Jassim, known as Abu Amsha, who are:
1- Seizing the house of Hussein Ismail Arab, known as (Gassum), and throwing his furniture at his house on the street.

2 - Seizing the home of Zakaria Arab, known as (Khilfo) who is now resident in Lebanon, and expelling his kinswoman, Hussein Qarash.

The Organization also said that five shops were seized in the town square (Kani) and rented to the Arab settlers, who are:

1 - Haji Khalil Sheikho, known as (Kavno)
2- Zakaria Amin Haidar, known as (Amin Zalle)
3- Zakaria Nasaan
4- Mohamed Mustafa Kahlo, nicknamed (Karo) the deaf
5- Izzat Kamal Ali Bakir.
Note that the expulsion of citizens and the seizure of their property are still ongoing as of this writing.

The Organization made clear that the so-called Muhammad Al-Jassim imposed royalty on farmers in exchange for allowing them to harvest their vine leaves at a rate of 15% paid by the farmer from the value of the bill and 10% by the carrier (the owner of the truck) of the value of the bills. And the last batch of citizens (the owners of the aforementioned shops) have received the following names:

1- Haji Khalil (Kavno)
2- Zakaria Amin Haider (Amin Zalle)
3- Zakaria Nasaan
4- Mohamed Mustafa Kalo, known as (Karo) the deaf.

In the same context the Organization said that, on Monday, 03.05.2020, a number of Kurdish women were released from the Central Prison in Ma’aratte of the city of Afrin - after signing the verdicts issued against them by the judicial authorities of the Provisional Syrian Government loyal to the Turkish authorities and paying them the financial fines imposed on them. Their names are the following:

1- Amal Mohamed Nori
2- Aisha Nori Ali
3- Tolin Abdul Rahman Hassan
4- Nazliya Abdul Rahman Hassan
5- Salwa Hassan Mohamed
6- Rukan Khalil Misto
7- Manal Nor Addin Rashid
8- Sherin Abdo Mohamed