Daughter of Kobani Nojin Mustafa is in the UN Security Council

Daughter of Kobani Nojin Mustafa is in the UN Security Council

Apr 27 2019

ARK News: Syrian Kurdish activist Nojin Mustafa made an appeal to the Security Council to focus its work on the needs of people with special needs in Syria.

Nojin Mustafa, who is from Kobani in western Kurdistan (Kurdistan of Syria) said in a speech of her in the Security Council, this category in Syria is invisible and relief organizations have to gather information about them in the absence of such information on reports on the humanitarian situation in Syria.

The Kurdish activist, who has special needs, presented in front of the Council her experience with the bombing, violence, displacement, and asylum, appealing to the Council to prevent the recurrence of Aleppo's experience in Idlib, which houses more than 30,000 people with special needs.

And she called for international relief organizations to take care of this group, especially females, as the current situation lacks health services, education, protection, sanitation and access to humanitarian assistance.

Human Rights Watch recently announced that Nojin Mustafa had been awarded the prestigious Alison Des Forges Award for 2019 for her exceptional activity.

Nojin Mustafa- author of the book "Girl - from - Aleppo" in her letter to the UN Security Council, and to the Syrians everywhere said: "Do not forget people with disabilities, they suffer more than any other category when conflicts and wars occur, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.