Six years on the abduction of the eight officers

Six years on the abduction of the eight officers

Apr 17 2019

ARK News: On Wednesday, 17/4/2019 marks the sixth anniversary of the disappearance and abduction of the eight Kurdish officers who are dissident from the Syrian regime, and although abducted in areas under the control of the Democratic Unionist Party (PDP) in Kurdistan, Syria, but the PYD denies the presence of the eight officers in their jails or the recognition of their extradition to the Syrian regime.

After the outbreak of the Syrian revolution and because of the repression practiced by the Syrian regime against the defenseless Syrian people at that time, thousands of elements and officers broke away from the regime's army, and hundreds of Kurds, who were forced into military service and volunteers, also broke away from the regime's army.

In April 2013, eight Kurdish officers from Afrin, Kobani and al-Bab areas dissident from the Syrian army and decided to come to the Kurdistan Region After arriving Qamishlo city in Kurdistan of Syria, which was still under the control of the PYD, the communication was interrupted on 16-17 / 4/2013 with them and no information about them until the preparation of the report.

The eight officers are:

Brigadier General Mohammed Khalil Ali from al-Bab city East Aleppo
Colonel Mohammed Haitham from Afrin region
Colonel Hasan Oso from Afrin region
Colonel Mohammed Gula Khairi from Afrin region
Lt. Col. Shawqi Osman from Afrin Region
Major Bahzad Na'so from Afrin region
Captain Hussein Bakir from Afrin region
First lieutenant Adnan Barazi from Kobani city

According to Kurdish activists and politicians, that the PYD kidnapped the eight officers and they will not rule out their extradition to the Syrian regime, as they did with the leader Abdul Rahman Apo before his release on 14/11/2018 from the prison of Alaya in Qamishlo city, who was kidnapped from his home in Afrin, Ashrafiya neighborhood on 12/7/2017 and then he was handed over to the Syrian regime for interrogation and then released in Qamishlo city.

Thus the fate of the eight Kurdish officers remains unknown despite the fact that six years have passed since their disappearing and kidnapping.