A ferocious campaign by PYD militias to kidnap Kurdish youths

A ferocious campaign by PYD militias to kidnap Kurdish youths

Mar 15 2019

ARK News: Since yesterday morning, the PYD militias have been abducting Kurdish youth in the villages of Alian and Dirk districts in Kurdistan of Syria for the purpose of compulsory recruitment.

A special source preferred not to be named as a result of the PYD terrorist acts revealed to ARK Media Foundation that heavily armed SUVs and members of the Democratic Unionist Party (PYD) militants raided the villages of Derna Aghi and Ala Qous and Kishki in the Alyan countryside in the town of Chil Agha, in searching of young people, wanted for compulsory recruitment, in addition to closing the entrances of the villages and stopping passing cars and searching the passengers with the confiscation of personal documents for a number of them.

The same source revealed that these militias raided brutally and violated the sanctity of a number of houses of those villages.

The same source confirmed to ARK that there was an intensive presence of the military police of the PYD in the entrances of Derik city with the aim of arresting the youth and bring them for compulsory recruitment camps.

Because of the policies of the PYD and kidnapping of young Kurds and involvement them in wars in Manbij, Deir al-Zour, Raqqa and Tabqa Thousands of young Kurds from Kurdistan of Syria have been abandoned to neighboring countries and European countries, and seeing of young people of that age group has become rare in the Kurdistan region of Syria.

It is worth mentioning that most of the militants from the PYD militia who attacked the villages and the Kurdish houses yesterday were of the Arab component.