The Increasing cases of in the incidence of tumors among children in Kurdistan Syria

The Increasing cases of in the incidence of tumors among children in Kurdistan Syria

Feb 27 2019

ARK News: The increasing of the incidence of tumors among young people are increasing in Syria segments, especially those with early ages, a category that tumors were not common among the middle, years ago.

A specialty of blood diseases confirms in the hospital Ibn al-Nafis government hospital Wasma al-Ashawi confirms to RT that most of these cases come from the north-eastern regions of the country (Hasakah, Raqqa, and Deir Al-Zour). They indicate that 30 to 40 patients in hospital see blood diseases every day, and she describes that this figure is as too large.

Regarding the cause of the spread of the disease in those areas more than others, al- Ashawi says that the radioactive materials used in those areas may be among the causes, in addition to exposure to oil derivatives in ways that are incorrect. (Some people were trying to extract those derivatives in primitive ways, without using appropriate tools).

And the most important difficulties of follow-up patients during the war years al-Ashawi said that the most important interruption of Western medicines or rare for some types of blood diseases, whether malignant or benign, as well as the difficulty of access to patients to treatment centers on time, and the long absence of treatment sessions, which causes the weak response to treatment after the interruption of follow-up for longer periods of time between sessions, and that most of the patients suffering from this problem are also from the regions of northern and eastern Syria, for reasons, including security, including lack of transportation, or the high cost of transportation during the years of war.

Al- Ashawi added that the treatment costs are high, ranging from 20 thousand to million and a half million Syrian pounds per session, (40 $ 3,000).