Honoring a leader in the Ba’ath Party in Qamishlo

Honoring a leader in the Ba’ath Party in Qamishlo

Jan 14 2019

ARK News: A senior leader of the Baath party of the Syrian regime was honored in Qamishlo city in Kurdistan of Syria.

The newly established al-Qamishlo Training Center, in coordination with the Ba'ath Party authorities, honored the Secretary of the Ba'ath Party branch in Hasaka Turki Hasan.

This honor comes at a time when the Syrian regime continues to hold its activities in the areas of Kurdistan, Syria, Baath Party activities, military activities, visits from senior officials, and other activities.

The police command of the Syrian regime also held last Thursday a large-scale military action in the center of the city of Hasaka in Kurdistan of Syria, in order to graduate another batch of gunmen from the Internal Security Forces.

Pictures of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his father, former regime chief Hafez al-Asad were raised, in addition to pictures and flags of the regime and the Baath party in the activity were also raised, it also provided a military parade by their armed men.

A few days ago, in the division of Qamishlo of Ba’ath Party, the annual conferences were held of the branches of the Ba’ath for each of the areas of Derik and its suburbs.