Where will the US troops settle after departing Syria?

Where will the US troops settle after departing Syria?

Jan 05 2019

ARK News: The Iraqi Joint Operations Command said that the withdrawal of US forces from Syria into Iraqi territory will be specifically to Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan Region.

"The withdrawal of US troops from Syria will be to Erbil and not to the territory of the federal government," a spokesman for operations, Brigadier General, Yahiya Rasoul said.

Rasoul stressed that "Iraq does not need these forces" noting that" the withdrawing US forces will not settle at the base of Ayn al-Assad (in Anbar, western Iraq), and the number of American advisers presents there is enough and we do not need to increase. "

And in the implementation of US President Donald Trump's decision, US troops withdrew from northeastern Syria towards the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Trump about ten days ago and suddenly announced that he would withdraw his troops from Syria about 2,000 troops within 30 days, but US officials have made it clear that "the pace of withdrawal may be much slower."

Source: Fares news agency