The suffering of farmers in the border villages with Turkey due to the inability to grow their crops

Jan 05 2019

ARK News: Concerns have increased among the people of the border areas, located on the border between Qamishlo and Turkey, as shooting of the Turkish border guards is a big concern for the villagers of the border villages who own agricultural lands near the border, many of the villagers also have cattle that need to graze in the green range, but fear of being shot by border guards prevents them from grazing their livestock.

According to the farmers who live in the villages of Qamishlo "Talke and Kharab Kourte " which located on the border with Turkey, it is difficult for them to grow their crops because their land is located near the border fence, pointing out that approaching the fence and plowing and growing the land has become very dangerous this year, unlike other years in conjunction with the Turkish threats.

Adding that the recent Turkish threats to launch an attack on the areas east of the Euphrates increased the complexity, as they avoid approaching their land and planting for fear of being exposed to fire by the Turkish border guards, which has recently fired indiscriminately at anyone approaching the border fence.

Noting that it is time to plant their seasons, but the fear that affects their hearts prevents them from that, and therefore their land remained without planting any seed and thus will be deprived of the season this year.

Farmers pointed out that the border area was used by smugglers to smuggle between Qamishlo and Turkey, prompting border guards to shoot at anyone who approaches them without paying attention to being farmers or smugglers.

It is noteworthy that Turkey had threatened to launch a military operation on the areas of East Euphrates similar to the operation of “Olive Branch” in Afrin under the pretext of protecting its borders and national security.

Source: The Kurdish National Council in Syria