Military leader: We are waiting for zero hour

Dec 24 2018

ARK News: The military commander of the Free Army militias, Zakaria Qarisli, told to Turkish newspaper Yeni Shafaq last Wednesday, its components which stationed in Jarabils are on standby and waiting for zero hours to begin the military operation in the east of the Euphrates in Kurdistan, Syria.

The newspaper quoted from Qarisli saying that the Free Army militias have completed their preparations for a while and set up a roadmap in preparation for the operation of East Euphrates, adding on the tongue of Qarisli: Our first objective is to reach the areas of eastern Euphrates.

The PYD officials said they would not accept the presence of a second force in reference to the forces of Roj Peshmerga in Kurdistan Syria, which caused widespread resentment among civilians in Kurdistan, Syria, which made them afraid to repeat the Afrin scenario in the Kurdish areas in Kobane and Al-Jazeera as well.