150 opposition clans support the Turkish operation expected against the regions of Kurdistan Syria

Dec 24 2018

ARK News: 150 tribes and clans joined on Friday the Supreme Council of Syrian Opposition Tribes and clans, during a general conference held in the Sijo village near the Izaz city of the countryside of northern Aleppo, with the presence of a delegation from the National Coalition led by the President of the coalition Abdul Rahman Mustafa

During the conference Tribes and clans expressed their support for the Turkish operation against the Kurdistan region of Syria in the eastern side of the Euphrates River

1,000 people attended the conference, including 400 members of the General Assembly of the council, representing tribes in various parts of Syria.

It is noteworthy that the pro-Turkish army factions, which participated in the occupation of the city of Afrin, committed dozens of crimes against the people of the city and its countryside, killing, kidnapping and torture, along with looting and theft, burning agricultural crops and forests, the seizure of property of citizens, and the destruction of monuments and religious , and there is great fear of repeating the scenario of Afrin in the east of the Euphrates