The “Assyrian Organization” regarding wheat pricing: Unfair and indicative of a lack of responsibility

The “Assyrian Organization” regarding wheat pricing: Unfair and indicative of a lack of responsibility

May 28 2024

ARK NEWS... The Assyrian Democratic Organization, called for the "Self-Administration" of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), to review its decision and adjust the wheat receipt price in proportion to the increasing costs.

The Assyrian organization said in a statement viewed by the Welat TV website that the pricing announced by the Autonomous Administration is unfair to the peasants and farmers who have borne the increase in fuel prices and the increase in the prices of all requirements for the agricultural process.

It stressed that "the continuation of this irresponsible approach aims to undermine the agricultural process and eliminate the agricultural sector, which is the backbone of the region's economy."

The statement continued: "It will therefore affect the entire economic cycle of the region and the standard of living of all residents... as citizens are already suffering from several hardships related to the rise in the prices of fuel and basic foodstuffs and the deterioration of the level of basic services."

The organization called on the Self-Administration to review the decision and adjust the price of receiving wheat in proportion to the increasing costs, and to achieve some profit for farmers and workers in the agricultural sector, “in a way that ensures a decent living for them and their families.”

The "self-administration" declared by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) set the price of wheat at 31 US cents per kilogram, while the supply price of wheat for last year's season was 43 cents, which sparked a wave of protests among farmers and citizens who depend on this strategic crop, as a main source of income.

The majority of cities and towns under the control of the Autonomous Administration witnessed widespread demonstrations in opposition to the new wheat pricing, and some of them quickly developed into open popular sit-ins.

The demonstrations began in the city of Amouda city, on Sunday, and developed on Monday, May 27, 2024, into widespread popular protests and sit-ins, reaching the cities of Qamishlo, Derbasiya, and Raqqa, in addition to the countryside of Deir Ez-Zour Governorate.