Lebanon intends a plan to return Syrian refugees to their country

Lebanon intends a plan to return Syrian refugees to their country

Apr 21 2024

ARK News… The Progressive Socialist Party in Lebanon intends to present a plan to return Syrian refugees to their country, in light of efforts to discuss it with all parties in Lebanon.

A member of the “Democratic Gathering” bloc in the Lebanese Parliament, MP Wael Abu Fa’our, revealed that the issue of returning Syrians from Lebanon to their country is a “national issue,” stressing the necessity of having a “clear national plan” agreed upon to organize this return.

He believed that resolving the issue of Syrian refugees requires political and non-political steps at the local and external levels, pointing out that the “Democratic Meeting” has a proposal that was prepared earlier on the matter, according to Lebanese media.

In this context, the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Jahja’ , on Friday described the presence of Syrians in Lebanon as an “existential threat,” demanding their deportation in accordance with the law.

He added: “We have 40% of illegal Syrian refugees,” considering that in 2030 the percentage of Syrians in Lebanon may reach 4 million, and thus “the Lebanese may become a refugee in their own country.”

Jahja’ considered that “according to international law, all Syrians currently in Lebanon, with the exception of 300,000 Syrians who have residency, are illegal.”

Caretaker Prime Minister of Lebanon, Najib Miqati, said that he proposed to French President, Emmanuel Macron, to declare areas in Syria “safe,” in order to facilitate the process of returning refugees.

He added that he explained to Macron “the risks posed to Lebanon by the huge numbers of displaced Syrians.”

Officials in Lebanon have been pressing for weeks to declare areas in Syria “safe,” and are directing their statements in this regard to European Union countries.

It is estimated that Lebanon hosts about 1.5 million Syrian refugees, of whom about 805,000 are officially registered with UNHCR.