President Barzani thanks the mourners for the departure of his sister

President Barzani thanks the mourners for the departure of his sister

Feb 27 2024

ARK News… President Masoud Barzani sent a message of thanks to all those mourning the departure of his sister, Mrs. Zakia Mustafa Barzani.

The following its text:

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

In my name and in the name of all members of the Barzani family, I extend my highest thanks, praise and gratitude to the official, governmental and party officials in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, ambassadors, consuls, representatives of countries, international organizations, the international coalition, religious scholars, representatives of national and religious components, heads and notables of the tribes of southern, central and western Iraq, and representatives of civil society organizations, and the political, societal, cultural, academic and sports figures, the leaders of the heroic Peshmerga forces, the security institutions, the forces of the Ministry of Interior, the administrative and political officials, the media, all segments and groups of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and all the honorable Kurdistan people in the four parts of Kurdistan and outside it who kindly participated in the condolences of our late sister (Zakia Mustafa Barzani) and expressed their solidarity and shared our grief. In this affliction, their condolences and sympathy had a good effect on our souls and alleviated our pain.

I also thank all presidents, notables, state officials, foreign friends, and all gentlemen from outside and inside Kurdistan and Iraq who shared our sorrows through phone calls, telegrams, and letters of condolence.

The participation of the dear people of Kurdistan and our friends in grief, condolences and afflictions is always a matter of our appreciation and respect. I also express my gratitude to all those who took the trouble to come from near or far to share our grief, and from here I thank the honorable citizens of Salahuddin district who endured during the past days the hardship and crowding that resulted from Condolence ceremonies, and their reception of the guests. I also thank the efforts of the Peshmerga forces, the security services, the Ministry of Interior forces, and the health teams who took responsibility for organizing traffic, protecting the security of the guests, and facilitating their affairs.

We ask Almighty God to thank you for your effort, maximize your reward, and keep every affliction and calamity away from you. May God have mercy on all of our dead, and grant them good wealth and a good shelter.

Masoud Barzani

February 26, 2024