Flights in stealth mode... An Iranian plane landed at Damascus airport before it was bombed

Flights in stealth mode... An Iranian plane landed at Damascus airport before it was bombed

Nov 30 2023

ARK News… A video from Damascus International Airport while it was under an Israeli raid, on Sunday, November 26, revealed the presence of a plane belonging to the Iranian Yazd Airlines, amid reports that it was transporting military equipment.

The Voice of the Capital website said that it had verified the movement of the Airbus-310 plane bearing the code EP-DZA, and the navigation sites showed the plane arriving at Damascus Airport at two in the afternoon, that is, three hours before the bombing.

He added, "The Iranian plane entered Syrian airspace in stealth mode after it turned off all its navigational devices over Iraqi territory, which suggests that it was transporting weapons and military equipment between Iran and Damascus."

Upon review of the plane’s flight record, it was found that “the plane conducted successive flights between Tehran and Latakia Airport in stealth mode from the 22nd to the 25th of this November, and without announcing by Syrian Air the programming of any of its flights to passengers.”

The record confirmed that the Yazd plane left Syrian airspace in the same way it entered it, and that the tracking and air navigation systems were not activated until it entered Iraqi airspace towards Khomeini International Airport in the capital, Tehran, according to the Voice of the Capital.

About 8 hours after it was restarted, on Sunday, November 26, Damascus International Airport was again out of service following Israeli raids.

Israel recently targeted Aleppo and Damascus international airports on the pretext that “Iran is using them to transfer weapons and military equipment to Syria” and in response to the launching of missiles from Syrian territory towards Israel.