An uncle and nephew from Qamishlo died in the Bulgarian forests

An uncle and nephew from Qamishlo died in the Bulgarian forests

Nov 30 2023

ARK News… After days of losing contact with her, the body of Kurdish immigrants was found in the forests between the borders of Turkey and Bulgaria.

Communication was cut off with Kurdish immigrants Arif Tajdu Taher and Muhammad Ezaddin Taher, residents of the city of Qamishlo in Syrian Kurdistan, after they left Turkey a few days ago, with the aim of reaching European countries.

Ezaddin Taher, Muhammad’s father and Arif’s brother, on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, confirmed the news of their deaths and spoke to ARK: After days of investigating and searching for them, the body of my son and my brother, who were missing during their asylum journey to Europe, was found today.

He added, "The two bodies were in the border forests between Turkey and Bulgaria. They were found in a military zone between the two countries, and are awaiting a decision from the responsible authorities and the coroner to reveal the causes of death."

The same source had revealed in a previous statement: “On the 16th of this month, my son, Muhammad, and my brother, Arif, left Turkey, with the aim of reaching a European country, but they were stuck in the Serbian forests.”

He continued, "According to the latest information available to us, which is unconfirmed, they were arrested by the Serbian police, and we have concerns about their extradition to Bulgaria or Turkey."

The Kurdish minor, Bilal Haitham Bozan (16 years old), from the town of Tal Aran in the Aleppo countryside, lost his life due to severe cold and rain on the Bulgarian border during his asylum journey towards a European country, and his body is still in a hospital in Bulgaria.

Ali Bilal Bozan, the child's uncle, said in a statement to ARK that his nephew "became tired in the forests due to the intense cold and rainfall on the borders of Bulgaria and Serbia while they were trying to cross to Europe. He was subsequently transferred to a hospital in Bulgaria and died there."

He appealed through ARK to the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Barzani Charity Foundation to transfer his body to the Kurdistan Region to be buried in his homeland.

Every day, dozens of people from Syrian Kurdistan take the "death" roads towards Europe through smuggling. Hundreds have lost their lives on this road, and the fate of hundreds remains unknown.