The Negotiating Committee discusses developments in the political process with Syrian research centers

The Negotiating Committee discusses developments in the political process with Syrian research centers

Nov 29 2023

ARK News… A delegation from the Syrian Negotiating Committee, headed by Badr Jamous, participated in a dialogue session with Syrian Research Centers, independent researchers, and Syrian media professionals in the city of Istanbul, on Monday.

The Negotiating Commission said on its Facebook page, “The Chairman of the Commission reviewed at the beginning of the session the latest political developments in the political file of the Syrian issue, the meetings the Commission held with envoys of countries in Geneva, the meeting with the United Nations envoy, and the meetings in Brussels with the Political and Security Committee of the European Union, which included all European Union ambassadors.”

Adding that he "talked about the obstacles to the negotiating process and the poor performance of the international community in dealing with the regime's exploitation of the political process and using the Syrian people and their pain as a negotiating card with the international community."

Badr Jamous said: “We presented the international envoy and allied and friendly countries with a map to get out of the cycle of wasting time and towards a solution path in accordance with Resolution 2254 and the international resolutions related to the political solution.”

He stressed, "The Commission seeks to consult with Syrian organizations, Syrian partners, and various components to end the suffering of the Syrian people and achieve a political solution that meets their aspirations and matches their great sacrifices."

At the conclusion of the session, the head of the Syrian Negotiating Commission stressed “the importance of coordination and cooperation in order to serve the Syrian cause and enhance its local and international presence, as part of the Negotiating Commission’s plan to find new mechanisms to activate the political process in accordance with international resolutions in order to achieve progress in reaching a comprehensive political solution.”