Barzani Charity opens a handicrafts course in Akre camp

Barzani Charity opens a handicrafts course in Akre camp

Nov 26 2023

ARK News… The Barzani Charity Foundation opened a course to teach handicrafts in the Akre refugee camp within the borders of Duhok Governorate in the Kurdistan Region.

Today, Sunday, November 26, 2023, the Foundation published on its page on the social networking site “Facebook” a video clip showing Barzani Charity opening a handicrafts course at the “Jaladat Badirkhan” Cultural and Social Center in Akre camp for a group of women.

Regarding the necessity of this course, the supervisor of this course, Mona Suleiman, said that these crafts are necessary for women because they benefit them in household matters and help them economically as well.

For their part, the women participating in the course expressed their happiness with this course, noting that they benefit from such courses in learning many handicrafts.

The Barzani Charity Foundation is a non-governmental organization active in the humanitarian field in the Kurdistan Region, and works to provide assistance to refugees and displaced people who have been exposed to crises, people with special needs, and orphans.