Pictures... The beginning of the “Mango” harvest in Afrin, and farmers are pinning their hopes on abundant production that covers expenses

Oct 23 2023

ARK News… Villages in the Sherawa area of Afrin, Syrian Kurdistan, host tens of thousands of mango trees, or what is known as “Kaki”, and in late October of each year, farmers begin harvesting the crop, storing it and selling it in the markets.

The villages where mango trees are most widespread are: Kurzêlê, Basouta, Ain Dara, Ghazawiyah, Burj Abdalo, and Jalame in the Sherawa area, in addition to villages in other parts of the region.

Despite the difficulties, farmers continue to care for the trees, including watering, pruning, plowing, and spraying pesticides and medicines, in the hope of obtaining abundant production that covers expenses.

A Kurdish farmer said in an interview with ARK: “These days we have begun to harvest mango fruits, and it coincides with the season of pomegranates and other types of fruits.”

He continued by saying, "Farmers pick the crop with the aim of storing it in designated places, in preparation for selling it after it has fully matured." Pointing out that "one kilogram is sold for four to six Turkish liras in Afrin markets, or 1.5 to 2 US dollars."

He stressed that "the village of Kurzêlê and its plains alone contain more than twenty thousand trees, and we lack complete and accurate statistics, while the sources indicate that there are more than fifty thousand trees."

Afrin is a region famous for agriculture. It includes the city center, seven districts, 360 villages, and dozens of small farms. It has more than 18 million olive trees, both fruitful and non-fruitful, in addition to many other crops such as pomegranates and other types of fruits.