Afrin: With feelings full of sincerity and nostalgia... This is how a father in Afrin welcomed his returning family

Oct 22 2023

ARK News... With feelings full of sincerity and nostalgia... this is how a father in Afrin welcomed his returning family

After years of refuge, the Gulin Battal family returned to their village, Qarmitlq, in the Shiye town of Afrin in Syrian Kurdistan. In a scene that embodies nostalgia for vanished past memories, the father, Ahmed, welcomed his family with songs and hugs.

In a video clip, which ARK received, it shows the extent of nostalgia, longing, and sincere feelings expressed by the elderly Ahmed, after years of his family’s refuge, he was exhausted by waiting to meet his children and grandchildren.

An informed source from the village said today, October 21, 2023, that the family returned from Turkey, and thus the number of families who recently returned is 18 families. The returning families are as follows:

8 families to Shara town and its villages
5 families to Rajo district and Quda village
Two families in Mabata district
Family to Shiye town
A family to the village of Ashuna in the Bulbul town.

In a previous statement, Kurdish politician Abdul Rahman Apo said that 60,000 families have returned since the end of the war that took place between Turkey and PYD militants in 2018.

After the Afrin war, which began at the beginning of 2018 between Turkey and the armed factions on the one hand and PYD militants on the other hand, ended on March 18 of the same year, more than 300 thousand Kurds were displaced to the Al-Shahba camps, and they became victims of the policy of the PYD administration controlling the camps and the Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafiya neighborhoods in Aleppo, which prevents the displaced from making their decision to return or head to other areas.

During the past few days, dozens of refugees, displaced Kurdish families returned to their homes in the villages and towns of the city of Afrin, through the Aoun al-Dadat crossing in the city of Manbij. Hundreds of people are waiting at the crossing for approval to return home.